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AMC MCQs On-line Program Our course includes; * Lecture Notes covering around 100 topics to find any gaps in your knowledge * Anthology of AMC covering 20 Topics to find any gaps in your knowledge * 26-week computerized practice  over 2500 questions; latest mcqs over 2012; more questions are under construction. * Free Trial


1. You wrote that there was one mock test, does it mean that the online course have already begun and I will be joining it in the middle of the course. In other words I will not be getting full advantage of the course?
It is online course, which means no beginning and no end, it will continue until you want to stop.

2. How it works?
You need to study lectures and AMC anthology first to find any gaps in your knowledge, then then you will be asked to follow the weekly task and finish all MCQs on time. Most candidates take 6 months full time (12 month¡¯s part time) to pass AMC MCQs exam.

3. What you¡¯ll learn in Online MCQs Courses?
This course will focus on more than 2500 MCQs questions that include:
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Medicine, Surgery, Paediatric, Psychiatric, Obstetric and Gynaecological stem questions
• Pharmacology
• Ethnics issues in Australia

The lectures were  conducted  by the Australian  experienced doctors, Most of these doctors used to achieved AMC MCQ exam ranking 1 , to ranking 6 when they came  Australia , They are all previous students from Evergo education, Now return to help you.

4 How long do you think someone must prepare for the MCQ exam assuming he is starting from the scratch?
One of my student with PhD in Australia, he did part time 6 months with ranking 170. He was the head of a research team in UNSW. For most candidates: it will take 6-9 months to pass MCQs if works full time, 12 months if part time

5. Do I have to come to Australia, Sydney for your coaching?
No, it is on-line, you can repeat as much as you want, you can go very fast with the program, or very slow with it, you are in control.

6. Do you have time limited to access to this program and how much does it cost?
The access to the on-line program limits up to 10 month and this course fee is $ 375- $800.

Administration fees $45 is non-refundable

7. What is the mode of payment can I pay via Bank Draft. Or I will have to use the credit card.
Credit card or PayPal, please visit pay now.






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