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Online clinical course is now available. AMC candidates can now choose to go on online/virtual meeting lessons. AMC online coursefeatures audio, video and text chat. Learn AMC clinical from our lecturer who has been a lecturer of RACGP and GP examiner. Whether you are a parent or a busy professional, you can study AMC clinical anywhere with internet access.

AMC Clinic Online runs every Tuesday 6:00pm -8:00pmand you can start it at a time convenient to you.

Lecturers run through all the latest recall cases. The more classes you attend, the more cases you practise. Candidates present cases and lecturer provide feedback directly. All classes are conducted via conference meeting, and candidates can access the tutor's computer. Candidates would need to contact us before the commencement of each class and have the necessary computer programs installed.       

For enrolment please contact  us on

2013 Course Timetalbe (SYDNEY TIME)

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