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AMC CLINIC ¨C LIVE 2014! Study After Your Work!
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AMC Clinic ¨C LIVE
Study After Your Work
Evergo has been in the forefront of AMC Clinical Training for many years, with its tremendous collection of case scenarios, adapted from real life situations and actual AMC Clinical exams.  While there is no doubt that the IMG doctors know how to diagnose and treat their patients, it is more often than not, the approach and presentation quality that determines if the doctor passes his/her AMC Clinical exam.
Evergo¡¯s trainers are highly experienced, and well versed at assessing and guiding IMGs on how to handle their cases.  Through these LIVE sessions, candidates are given scenarios to present and role-play the case.  The trainers will through observation, correct the mistakes made, and highlight areas of possible improvement.  He/she will explain in detail the key points to stress for each case, and where necessary, instant illustrations over the screen will be used as a teaching aid.
By popular demand, Evergo has decided to launch a series of AMC Clinic ¨C LIVE!  This series will kick off with the following conditions:
¡¤        Twice a week : Every Wednesday 6pm - 8pm & Saturday 9-1pm
¡¤        Maximum 4 candidates per session to proceed
¡¤        Candidates are to book time slot 1 week prior to session.  All booked sessions will be confirmed in writing by email.  There will be no refund for cancellations. 
¡¤        Candidates will require a computer, Skype Application, and installation of TeamViewer (Free) prior to commencement of session
This AMC Clinic would be the best investment you would have made into pursuing your qualification to be a Medical Practitioner in Australia!  Don¡¯t take our word for it.  Try us out ! Make an enquiry online or Book a session today! Booking email :
The booking is currently full please contact us for available class before your payment.
2014 AMC Clinic Live
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