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Our Services

Family Medicine
Family Medicine is comprehensive primary healthcare provided for individuals and families across all ages, genders, diseases and conditions. Care is provided on a continuing basis with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion. Your family doctor is an important part of helping manage your family¡¯s health and wellbeing.

Women¡¯s Health
Women¡¯s healthcare may include but is not limited to regular PAP screening, breast checks, referral for mammography, family planning options, fertility counselling and management of menopause. Lifestyle plays an important role in all women¡¯s lives, with healthcare focused on prevention to maintain optimum health.

Men¡¯s Health
Men¡¯s healthcare may include but is not limited to prostate screening, family planning options, screening pathology tests and sexual health. Lifestyle plays an important role in all men¡¯s lives and with healthcare focused on prevention to maintain optimum health.

Mental Health
A holistic approach to healthcare is important including physical, social, spiritual and mental health. Mental healthcare may include but is not limited to medication management, regular counselling, referral to allied health providers as well as preparation and ongoing management of GP mental healthcare plans.

Immunisation protects against a range of preventable diseases and infections. Childhood immunisations, catch up immunisations, travel immunisations and occupational health immunisations are amongst the range of immunisations provided.

Travel Medicine
The Northmead Medical Centre is able to provide travel advice and vaccinations for overseas destinations. Many travelers are not aware that some vaccinations are recommended for travel to many different countries, and should be performed at least 1 month before travel.
Please feel free to discuss your travel medicine requirements with one of our doctors before you travel.
Things to remember while planning a trip overseas:

- Ask your doctor if you need to be vaccinated
- Make an appointment to discuss your travel plans several weeks before you leave
- Most illness can be prevented by vaccinations and a little caution.
- Vaccination for specific diseases.

Sports Medicine
Both amateur and professional athletes may require treatment by a doctor specialising in sports medicine in order to optimise performance. Sports medicine may include but is not limited to treatment and prevention of injuries, physical fitness, exercise as well as nutrition planning and rehabilitation.

Chronic Disease and GP Managed Care Plans
Comprehensive and individualised care plan can ensure that all aspects of chronic disease are managed including goals to achieve optimal health. Chronic conditions including

- Asthma
- Hypertension
- Chrnic pain
- Arthritis
- Cancer
- Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Renal Dysfunction
- Obesity
- Osteoporosis

Some care plan patients are eligible for referral to allied health providers at a subsidised cost. Make an appointment to see your GP today to discuss your Care Plan

Children¡¯s Health Checks
Children¡¯s health checks include monitoring development and normal milestones, immunisation and health promotion. Healthy Kids Checks for 3-4 year olds can assess readiness for school and provide an opportunity for early screening for visual acuity, hearing, coordination as well as motor skills and other areas of development.

Health Assessments for over 75¡¯s
A comprehensive annual health check is recommended for all people aged over 75 to identify any health issues and optimise quality of life. Areas assessed may include but are not limited to lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, exercise, safety in the home, care arrangements and support networks.

Asthma Management
- Have better control of their Asthma
- Have fewer Asthma attacks
- Are more informed about Asthma
- Are better equipped to recognise deteriorating symptoms
- Know how to respond appropriately

Book an appointment with your GP to discuss your Asthma Action Plan today!

Occupational Medicine and WorkCover Consultations
Some occupations have increased risk of injury or illness, and doctors specialising in occupational medicine aim to ensure that high standards of health and safety at work are maintained. Occupational medicine may include but is not limited to treatment, management and prevention of injuries, return to work planning, pre-employment medicals and WorkCover consultations.

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